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The World Wide Web is a massive ever expanding place packed with everything from useful information to spam, helpful hints to spyware. So how do you get to what you want and avoid everything you don't want? You must be attentive, net savvy, and a little lucky too. This all sounds a little daunting and many people are afraid of the internet and the dreaded hacker, but you don't have to be. I will explain the different types of sites people visit, how they work and how to get everything you need out of the internet in a fast safe and fun way.

Online Communities

This is more then likely my favorite kind of website, I spend about 90% of my online time on forums. First let me dispel a myth that online forums and message boards are full of mean people who will degrade you if your new, that is usually not the case anymore as the owners and staff of these sites will not allow it. A great thing about forums is usually they will not have pop-ups or spam on these sites because the owners want people to get that community feel and navigate the site easily; this is safer for your PC. Online forums in my opinion are the way of the future online. A forum is basically a message board full of people who are interested and usually knowledgeable on the same things you are interested in. I frequent many forums, some to chat, some to learn new things, and some to help me. I am, for example, a member of one forum for my car model; there are thousands of members there. If I have a problem with my car, I ask there and always get the right answer or solution, it's great. There is a forum out there for anything you could possible want to chat about, cartoons, cars, contractors, psychology, pets, family life, anything. Be sure to check some out if you have a interest.

Searching the web

I'm not one to promote commercial websites but if one thing is true it’s that the people over at Google have their act together. I along with millions of others trust Google with their PC's on a daily basis and there is good reason for that. Google has the most smart, safe, easy to use and widespread search of any site out there. Without going into detail all you have to do is go there, type in a search, hit go and the absolute best results will be displayed every time, it is almost fool proof.

Being Safe On the Web

This government website has many tips on how to stay safe online. browse through the topics and get the vital information you need to stay safe online.

Happy surfing,

About the Author: Chase is from New Castle, DE. He works as a Mechanical Designer and runs two websites. TalkDelaware is an online forum for Delawareans, with an arcade, a directory of Delaware based websites and free blogs TalkPa is a online forum for Pennsylvanians



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