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Delaware Facts

Delaware State Symbols:
Delaware State Bird: Blue Hen Chicken
Delaware State Flower: Peach Blossom
Delaware State Tree: American Holly
Delaware State Colors: Colonial Blue and Buff
Delaware State Song: “Our Delaware”
Delaware State Insect: Ladybug
Delaware State Butterfly: Tiger Swallowtail
Delaware State Fish: Weakfish
Delaware State Beverage: Milk

Delaware State Nicknames:
- First State: December 7, 1787, Delaware became the first of the 13 original states to ratify the United States Constitution.
- Diamond State: So called by Thomas Jefferson who compared Delaware to a diamond (small but valuable).
- Blue Hen State: Referring to the official state bird (Blue Hen Chicken), which Delaware Revolutionary War soldiers carried for cockfighting.
- Small Wonder: A new nickname which honor’s the state's contributions to the country as well as its natural beauty
- Corporate Capital: Delaware is well known for business friendly laws which attract corporations to incorporate in the state.

Delaware State Seal:
Adopted on January 17, 1777. Original elements of the seal are as follows…
- Sheaf of wheat from the Sussex County seal: Signifying the agricultural vitality of the state.
- Ear of corn from the Kent County seal: Symbolizing the agricultural basis of Delaware's economy.
- Blue stripe represents the Delaware River: The central character of commerce and transportation at the time.
- An ox: Representing the role of animal husbandry to the state's economy.
- A ship: Symbolizing the states coastal commerce and ship building industry in New Castle County.
- The farmer with the hoe: Emphasizing the importance of farming in the state.
- The soldier (militiaman): Recognized for the protection of American liberties.
- The state motto: "Liberty and Independence"
- The state flag.

Delaware History:
- A Dutchman named Henry Hudson was credited with Delaware's discovery in 1609.
- It is named after the Delaware Bay and Delaware River, which in-turn were named after the Virginia governor, Lord De La Warr.
- The Delaware Tribe of Indians are the Lenni Lenape.
- The Delaware quarter (1999) was the first produced in the series and depicts the historic horseback ride of Caesar Rodney in 1776.

Facts about Delaware:
- The Delaware Memorial Bridge is the longest twin span suspension bridge in the world.
- The Old Swedes (Holy Trinity Church) is one of the oldest churches in the country still in use.
- Delaware is one of only five states with no sales tax.
- More broiler chickens are raised in Sussex County Delaware than any other county in the United States
- Delaware's average altitude is about 60 feet above sea level, making it the lowest average altitude of any state
- Delaware has only three counties - the fewest of any state (which has counties).
- Washington crossing “the Delaware” refers to the river (from Pennsylvania to New Jersey) and not the state.

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