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Mosquito Ranger
Safely enjoy a mosquito free yard.
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5 Star Pest Management
Quality pest control management at a price you can afford.
194 Scottfield Dr, Newark, Delaware 19713

Advanced Pest Management
Character, competence, and service for over 45 years.
248 East Chestnut Hill Rd, Newark, Delaware 19713

Calpro Pest Control Services
Professional service for all your pest control needs
Bear, Delaware 19701

Delaware Pest Control Association
The official pest management association for the state of Delaware
PO Box 5663, Wilmington, Delaware 19808

Delmar Termite & Pest Control
7 Knightbridge Rd, Middletown, Delaware 19709

McKell's Termite and Pest Control
Delaware Pest Control Service
408 West 38th St, Wilmington, DE 19802

Mosquito Ranger
Safely enjoy a mosquito free yard.
40 Germay Drive, Wilmington, DE 19804

101 Johnson Way, New Castle, Delaware 19720

Pest Control
Excellent, effective pest control backed by 3 generations of service
8 Weldin Park Drive, Wilmington, Delaware 19803

Reardon Associates Ltd.
1203 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, DE 19809

Royal Pest Management --› Quick Tips
Planet friendly pest management. Protect your home and family from harmful and destructive pests.
- 755B N. Broad St, Middletown, DE 19709
- 53 McCullough Dr, New Castle, DE 19720

Tri-State Pest Management, Inc.
1170 Corner Ketch Rd, Newark, DE 19711

United Exterminators
411 Main St, Wilmington, Delaware 19804

Western Pest Services
3202 Concord Pike, Wilmington, Delaware 19803

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Kent County

Ladybug Pest Management, Inc. --› Quick Tips
Bed Bug Specialists, K9 Scent Detection Dog, Pest & Termite Control. Don't Get Bugged, Call Ladybug!
15307 Britts, Delmar, Delaware 19940


Pest Control Advice from the Experts

Ants in my Pantry!

Ten Tips To Help You Control Pests Around Your Home

Sting Bug Traps

Ants in my Pantry!

The number one pest call this spring is for help getting rid of those, “darn ants”, with bed bugs running a close second. That’s an article for another day!

The first thing I ask myself as a pest control professional upon investigating a customer’s home for ants is, “Why are the ants inside and not outside?” What is attracting the ants to the homeowner’s kitchen? Ant colonies send out foragers to search for food and water. They can establish a satellite colony in your home if they find these conducive conditions.

Sanitation is key to keeping ants out of your home. Here are some tips:

• Kitchen should be crumb-free.

• Check cupboard, pantry, behind stove, dishwasher for crumbs and/or sticky spillage.

• Keep trash cans clean. (inside and outside cans)

• Caulk and seal all cracks and crevices.

Try to locate the trail that the ants are taking. Find out where they are coming in at and seal that entry point.

There are consumer products a homeowner can purchase to repel the ants and kill on contact. Research the product and read the label carefully. However, most consumer products are repellents and, although will kill the ant on contact, can also repel/chase the ants away temporarily. Pest Control Professionals have products that act as a residual and are usually required when a homeowner has been fighting ants for quite some time. Do not attempt to use restricted use products on your own. Ladybug Pest Management of Delmar, DE will be happy to offer a free and fair estimate to get rid of those “darn” ants once and for all.

About the Author: Sandy "Ladybug" & Frank Honess
Ladybug Pest Management, Inc.
(302) 846-2295
Licensed Pest Applicator in DE & MD
Member NPMA (National Pest Mgmt. Assn.) & DPCA (DE Pest Control Assn.)

Ten Tips To Help You Control Pests Around Your Home

1. Locate your vegetable garden 20 feet, or as far as possible from your house:

• Fruit & vegetables attract insects and wildlife;

• Source of food

2. Don’t over-water plants!

• Water attracts insects e.g. “Fungus gnats”

• Termites – high demand for moisture and water

• Let soil dry out

3. Clean your gutters

• Water backup causes damage that creates EASY ENTRY for carpenter ants

• Position downspouts to move water away from house

4. Attract “beneficial bugs” to your garden

• ground beetles eat caterpillars, not plants

• dragonflies feed on mosquitoes

• parasitic wasps prey on tomato hornworms

• beneficials liked plants with tiny flowers: members of the mint, carrot and aster families, sedums and alyssums.

5. Plant a variety of plants and know how they impact wildlife

• Chrysanthemums are a natural repellant to deer

• Deer have good noses and do not like plants with strong scents or flavors (Spices)

• Butterfly Bushes attract butterflies but also attract Carpenter Bees

6. Trim hedges and bushes two-feet away from the house

• Allows air-flow and sunlight to dry out soil

• Cuts off a physical avenue to your home: ants and stink bugs

7. Eliminate soil- or mulch-to-wood contact

• Do Not put soil or mulch right up to side of home

• Wet wood is conducive to carpenter ants and termites

• Don't over-mulch!

8. Carefully remove empty birds nests from trees and bushes

• Attracts bird mites that first eat the nest… then attack your home

• Attracts other pests and animals

• Be careful to make sure nest is empty

• Be careful using a ladder going into trees

9. Pick up after your dog in your yard

• Dog feces attracts all kind of pests: Flies; Mosquitoes; Rat!

• It spreads disease

• It gets stuck in your gardening shoes

10. No standing water in your yard;

• Circulate water in ponds: Attracts mosquitoes; termites; critters

• You name it… water attracts it.

About the Author: Jess King
B.S. Entomology and Applied Ecology
Concentration in Wildlife Conservation
Univ. of Delaware, College of Agriculture Conducted bird surveys for DE & PA Taught conservation classes in Hawaii

Jess is an Entomologist and Certified Pest Professional at Royal Pest Management.
1-800-ROYAL-PEST (800-769-2573)

Royal Pest is full-service pest control company serving Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia. Royal uses the most advanced methods and materials in IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to provide customers with pest control that is the safest and most effective in the industry today. Royal’s services are a truly planet friendly way to protect your family, your home and your lifestyle from annoying, destructive and harmful pests.

Stink Bug Traps

Anyone who has been in a home improvement or hardware store recently has probably a number of “NEW” insect traps labeled for stink bugs. Most of these traps involve the use of some sort of sticky surface to trap the insects surrounded by cardboard, paper, or plastic construction. Some also include lights to increase the effectiveness of the traps.

None of these traps contain any parts or process that is new or innovative. The only thing new about the traps is that they have “stink Bugs” on the packaging. Sticky type traps and insect light traps have been around for many years and are used every day in many different homes and business. They can be very effective at monitoring and control of flying insects if used properly.

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) has presented some unique challenges when trying to use traps to control or even monitor their movements (The USDA has been working on stink bug traps for about 5 years). The most difficult challenge when trying to use a trap to prevent BSMB from entering your home in the fall is providing them with a reason to enter the trap. Since they do not feed or reproduce when they are entering your home, food attractants and sex pheromones are of little use. The use of light traps on the exterior of the home will catch some but will attract far more than it catches directly to your home. Currently, there are no exterior traps that will effectively stop the stink bugs from entering your home. Sure, exterior traps may catch a few, even a few hundred. But, when you consider that several thousand may be working their way into you attic, trapping a few hundred makes little difference. However, interior traps can give you significant reduction in the numbers of stink bugs flying around the inside of your house.

If you want to use traps to reduce the numbers of stink bugs inside your house, these are the things you should consider based upon much research (independent and USDA) and much trial and error. First, stink bugs are difficult to keep in traps once they enter. They seem to be very adept at finding their way out. Second, Black seems to be more attractive color than others tested perhaps because it appears to be a hole or void area to them. Lastly, traps that use a UV light as an attractant has shown to be very effective at catching large numbers of stink bugs when placed properly. Placing light traps in the attic, crawl space, or other dark and undisturbed areas where the stink bugs hibernate can significantly reduce the numbers of these insects in your home. These light based traps will also catch a number of other insects like bees and wasps. They should incorporate the use of a glue board as the trapping method. Many times the stink bugs are entering the home along the roof line and end up in the attic space. They then can come down through the walls and other spots into the living areas of your home. Since stink bugs navigate in part by sight, they will be attracted to the strong source of UV light in the attic and become trapped before they make it down to your bedroom. You wont get them all, but you trap more this way than trying to trap them outdoors or hanging a glue trap in your living room because that’s where you see them.

Insect light traps are readily available and can be very effective in reducing the numbers of insects in your home if placed properly and maintained. It doesn’t have to say “stink bug trap” to be effective. Conversely, just because it may say “stink bug trap” does not mean it will do anything to solve your problem.

About the Author: Rick DeDonato, M.S. Entomology, Ohio State University
Post Graduate Training at the United States Academy of Health and Science

Royal Pest - Commercial and Residential Pest Control Planet Friendly Pest Control - (800) 769-2573

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